I swear I plan these pages out. They don’t always go exactly the way they were meant to, and sometimes that’s for the best. What’s weird though is when they match up with day to day life and their goings about. Today’s page being one of those. Spending the day in the airport and inevitably on a plane is kind of strange when you check your page updates and you realize your characters are doing the same thing. Coincidences right? Maybe it’s some latent ability to predict the future through comics. (oh god that’s a Heroes character isn’t it?) Maybe I should have the next story involving Benedict on a beach with a nice stiff drink. Don’t think I can swing that in the narrative, oh well maybe next year.

Page 162 is the last page of chapter seven, and the last page taking place 11 years prior. There is a bit of a break before the next chapter, but when all is said and done we will be back in the present dealing with the ramifications of Benedict and Lilian and all that occurred in chapter six. In regards to this chapter, and more specifically its last two pages, I was a bit surprised. In the occasions where Zoe has made an appearance, in photos, flashbacks, or whatever, it’s almost never planned. In fact I intended to never actually show Zoe until years down the line. Keep her as this mysterious figure of Benedict’s past. Almost like as a romantic version of Dale Cooper’s Diane. You hear lots about her, but you’ve never seen her. Then this page happened. Dunno why. Then she appeared in the flashes of Benedict’s life after Black Feather removed him from the White Room. Next was her picture in the interlude, and finally her appearance here. She keeps managing to appear in the story where I never expect her too. I mean I know her, and I like her as a character. I know how her and Benedict’s romance played out, and how it ended. What I never knew was that I would let you all know how these things played out. I still don’t intend to let you know these things, but I don’t know if I have control over that anymore. Zoe wants to be in this comic. And I don’t know if I can fight her. I have no plans for her to appear in this volume, or really any following ones. Yet, she might.

Now Backwood Folk will be on a bit of a hiatus for the next few weeks. Things have been crazy as I have documented in prior blog entries. What I can say is that on Christmas day that there will be on hell of an update. Expect a fairly large Christmas special entitled Old Christmas. I’m penciling it now, and I think it will be 6-8 pages long. It’s looking real nice about now, and follows a more Ozark based Christmas story than last year’s One-Eyed Christmas.

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