So Backwood’s been doing everything but uploading. Apologies for that. I have been working on the final chapter of this particular storyline, not the end of Backwood Folk mind you!  Just this particular yarn.  Initially the plan was to take a month or two hiatus to get enough drawn and make way for a special surprise. Well that sorta happened. I’ve gotten a good bit drawn. Probably 10 or so pages. And a totally different special surprise popped up with Eve of the Ozarks.

Eve was one of those projects I kinda always said I was going to do without too much intention of doing it soon. And suddenly I did it, and it kinda caught on. Within a week of its existence it’s actually done better financially than Backwood Folk. Which holy crap. Two and half years being equaled in a matter of days kinda caught me off guard. A couple local news outlets are running stories on it (and Backwood Folk to some extent too, but I think Eve is more focal) and one paper is doing more than that, but more on that later. So I’ve devoted probably more energy in getting Eve’s second and third issue done than to Backwood Folk as of late.

There is definitely an alternate universe out there where I didn’t take that break and you loyal readers have discovered what the Pink Eyes are.

But Backwood Folk IS coming back. And I believe fairly soon. I hope very soon. It’s just a combination of elements I need to work out before I can promise or make a date. There is certainly some financial realities to it all. For the last couple years I have supported myself completely off illustration/logo designs and comics. Mostly illustration and that jazz. It’s not a lot, and I mean not a lot, but I get to do what I love all of the time. With that as a reality though, stuff like Backwood Folk does take a hit, and paying gigs get more attention.

The other big factor is that I’m waiting on a big website redesign before I go live with the new chapter. And I’m not talking a new wallpaper and fancier looking buttons. We’re looking at a whole new way that the comic is read on the site. I think it will make it a much more appealing read online, but I don’t want to spoil too much on that.

Since I’ve left you guys in the cold for quite awhile here, I’ll post a little bit about the last chapter.

When Cub disappears in the woods of Po’Dunk the entire community bands together to do the their best to find him. However, Benedict’s search leads him to Greenville, where all of the shadows of the Ozarks wait ready.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but this will definitely be the most horror oriented chapter. You will finally see the Pink Eyes clearly. Almost every character up until this point will have some part in it. It will also be decidedly for adults. While Backwood Folk has pretty much been an a ok friendly to teen+ audiences where it goes from here is not.

Anyways, here’s the uncolored cover to it.


Fun huh?

Anyways, if you are interested in more of Po’Dunk’s history, check out Eve of the Ozarks.  You can grab the PDF/CBZ of it for just a dollar. Also a neat print bundle that includes a poster and sketch card featuring original art for ten dollars! Tell your friends.