Welcome back to Po’Dunk! Or at least Po’Dunk of this year as opposed to the 19th century equivalent that Eve has been running around in. It’s good that some many of you did come back for the first page of this new chapter! Quite a few and that old feeling felt pretty good.

So what now? I’ve got quite a lot of Chapter 10 done. Oddly enough though, mostly the climax of it. It’s some pretty insane visual stuff, so I wanted to get that done first. But I have the beginning and some of the middle done enough that I’m confident I can pretty much meet the schedule.

Though there will be no Christmas special this year unfortunately. ¬†Which I’m sorry about that. I’m investing that time in the second Eve issue this year, which is also very close to finished!

I’ve been thinking about what happens after this chapter quite a bit. Which admittedly isn’t for some time, but soon enough to make you worry about the future. As I’ve stated this is the end of this particular story line. Not Backwood Folk mind you. I’ve gotten to a state where I view Backwood Folk more as a hub for stories that take place in Po’Dunk. (I didn’t include Eve, since it’s more all ages and as you can tell from the first page of this chapter, Backwood is certainly not) Benedict’s story is the first. What initially was to be the second I’ve got the bones of finished, and I’m quite excited. It’s a lot lot more supernatural than Benedict’s story. Also deals a lot more directly with Ozark history, specifically the Civil War. I dunno if I’m gunna jump directly into it just yet. As it’s another 2-3 year story, and after this one I’m starting to get a little exhausted.

So I’d say that there is a good chance that when Blank Vows finishes I’m gunna focus on some short stories for awhile. Maybe a return to form for the Three Whittlers. As I have missed those old boys for awhile. We shall see.

I’ve also been toying around with continual features to put in the blog. It’s always kinda disheartening when I see the blog updates being months old when new pages are coming through. I wanted to keep it as a journal of sorts for the longest time, but there is only so many times that I can write “Gustav drew today.” I was tinkering with doing some short Po’Dunk history essay…things. Well Po’Dunk history told from the perspective of a character (probably Gamblin’ Rob, so if I ever bonk up the history I can blame him for being drunk) Anyways, anything you guys would be interested in as a continuing feature on the blog?