Hey folks! Now by now I figure most of you know I do another comic called Eve of the Ozarks. Well she just made it to the cover of one of our fine local publications in Fayetteville, Arkansas. So if you are in the region pick up this week’s Fayetteville Free Weekly. There’s a story on me, as well as a full page Eve comic. Which hey pretty neat! You should grab a copy! You can also read the article here.

Also recently I switched up pricing on all the pdfs of the Eve books! You can now get all of them for whatever price you like. Yeah. Even free. And yeah, I am way ok if you do get it for free! pro-tip Issue 2 of Eve is just about my favorite thing I’ve done with comics yet!

Currently you can get them all at http://www.eveoftheozarks.com the Backwood Folk Store, or heck from the links down below.

Eve of the Ozarks Issue 1- Guardian of the Bluffs 12 pages








Eve of the Ozarks Issue 2- Snow Day for a Sad Sap 12 pages






Eve of the Ozarks mini comic- The GowRow’s Apples 7 pages