Benedict Carpenter was born during a particularly nasty winter quite a few years back. At least that’s what I’ve heard, his parents disappeared not too long after. For as long as he can remember he was raised by his grandparents. On his 18th birthday, however, he ran off to New York City. There he took his chances at being a writer up in the biggest of big cities. From what I hear though, he didn’t have the chops, ended up working for some magazine or something. Eventually money runs out, and Benedict comes home to Po’Dunk ten years later, to his now late grandparents land.

Bertrum is true Po’Dunk if there ever were such a thing. After going to the nearby school in Jasper, he only left the county for a disastrous two years at the University of Arkansas. On his return he took over the family business after his mother lost her voice and possibly mind. He lives across the road from the store with his dear old mother to this day. He reckons it isn’t pathetic, seeing as someone has to look after her. The Strom family has certainly never been the kind to trust family issues to strangers at nursing homes and the like. Ever sense he was a child he took to paints like he did breathing. So his home and the home of anyone who associates with him tends to be filled to the brim with paintings.

Lilian, or Lily to most her friends, is sort of the shining face of Po’Dunk. If things get bad, talk to her. I guarantee she’ll put a big ol’ grin on your face.  Everyone in the county loves her, probably in love with her too. In fact, I think almost every boy around Po’Dunk would kill to have her hand.  Now, as far as most people can tell, she ain’t never lived outside of Newton County. Used to live closer to Jasper, though when her parents punched the ticket she found herself inheriting a dairy farm. So that’s where you will find her and her little nephew and apparently ward, Cub. She ain’t too keen on raising goats though, as they seem to come and go as they please.