Po’Dunk could be hardly labeled as a town. In fact, even the longest lived members of the so called community couldn’t put a finger on the population. When asked you could receive a number of anywhere between ten people to a hundred. It is safe to say, Po’Dunk is located in Arkansas, and even more specifically within Newton County. To be just a little bit more precise, if you follow a select dirt road off of scenic 7 you might just get there. It’s about 20 miles as the crow flies from Jasper, the nearest true establishment.

Now don’t get me wrong. Po’Dunk does in fact have much of the niceties of modern living. Most homes have electricity and plumbing, save for of course your token eccentrics, like the fella out in the cave. It has a church, graveyard, and even a post office. Most importantly though, it has a general store.  This store is called the Southern Comfort and it sells pretty much all of your essentials. Pretty good for gossip too.

The thing about Po’Dunk though, is that despite its modern touches, it still is backwoods Arkansas. In fact, Po’Dunk never had its roads paved. Probably won’t either. And aside from that, some of the folks in the area are a little out of tune with what, you may say, is normal. People do some funny things when the eyes of the world aren’t watching. But now I’m rambling and gossiping, and that’s just not too polite.


Born and raised on a goat farm on top a mountain, Gustav Carlson spent his days naming an increasing number of goats Gruff. Partially in fear of bridge trolls that run rampant in the hills, but mostly because it adequately described most the goats he knew. Since then the trolls have gone extinct, and the goats Gruff are in his past. To fill that constant void, he now draws comics.

Eventually he plans to retire to Goat Island, a very real place.

You can contact him at gustavdiponca@gmail.com