The print edition to Backwood Folk is out now. This book contains the first six chapters, the Jaybirds anniversary special, and the One-Eyed Christmas special. It rounds in at 164 full color pages. It also includes 20 redrawn pages, retooled dialogue, and even 4 new pages. Also, special world building features between each chapter! You can purchase it now for print on demand at IndyPlanet.

Buy in Print- 24.99






  After a family tragedy, Skip Solomon and his living muscle car race for their lives from the various haunts and creatures that inhabit his hometown of Harrison, Arkansas. Join Skip and various cast of other characters as they find themselves in trouble with a deeper and darker south. Intended for Mature Audiences.

20 pages. Black and White.

Buy in print. $3.50

Download as CBR- $1.50 

Download as PDF- $1.50 


FULL SIZED ADVENTURES- The main comic. Each issue is a full color, DRM free, 12 page pdf. Available for any price however large or however small you wish to pay!


00Eve_FrontCover GUARDIAN OF THE BLUFFSDeep in the remotest part of the Ozark foothills lives Eve, a little girl raised in a cave by her pioneer paw. As she explores the untamed wilderness she encounters all kinds of friends in animals, trees, and somethings more unnatural. Her and Hieronymus the goat find themselves on a one-way path to the Bluffs. There they will meet the Guardian, and he ain’t the friendliest sort. 




Sadsap00SNOW DAY FOR A SAD SAP- Winter has struck the old Ozarks, and Eve isn’t prepared in the slightest. When her and Hieronymus do their darnedest to make it through the snowy season, they are interrupted by a gooey new monster of mysterious origins. And it might take more than walloping this beastie to make it’s distractions end!



SMALL FRIES- Stories of a less grander sort. Each story is a full color, DRM free, 5-7 page pdf. Once again for a price of your own choosing!



THE GOWROW’S APPLES- All Eve wants to eat is an apple, and all the Gowrow wants to eat is Eve. 7 pages.


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